Portal 2 - Valve's Best Yet? (Hooked Gamers)

HookedGamers writes:
"We will finally be able to get our hands on the sequel to Valve’s critically acclaimed game Portal later this month. After three years of waiting, our prayers were answered when Portal 2 was announced last year, and that it would soon be on it's way. Although originally scheduled for late 2010, Chet Faliszek of Valve stated that the slight delay to April 2011 was merely to make the game a little better for the fans. Honestly though, a few extra months is nothing because from what we've seen so far the game should genuinely be worth the wait."

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starchild2747d ago

Valve are the best. I love their games. Portal 2 looks like it will be another brilliant feather in their hat.

thereapersson2747d ago

Apparently the game is supposed to be at least 15 hours long

Kran2747d ago

Honestly, I thouroughly believe this will be worth the wait.

Those who disagree are just those who play on FPS all day.

k3x2747d ago

So, ~5 years after dual cores became popular, has Valve finally managed to implement support for multi core processors that doesn't crash their games every few minutes or do TF2, L4D/L4D2 etc. still perform better on a single core 3.2GHz than, for example, a 2.6GHz quad?