Is Sony NGP’s Looming Shadow The Reason For Slowed Down Sales Of Nintendo 3ds?

In the first 5 days of release in the United States, Nintendo’s 3ds sold 500,000 units. But since then, sales have “slowed considerably" according to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian. With Sony’s NGP just right around the corner, could it be that people are saving their money for what they feel will be a better handheld? More after the break.

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Butt0n_m4sher2773d ago

This is quite possibly the case. They are both expensive so consumers could be deliberating on which one to get, since getting both would be somewhat unreasonable.

darthv722773d ago

there is a much bigger world outside of n4g. A world where consumers dont know the ins and outs of the ngp and 3ds. A world where they see price tags and decide with their wallets. A world where a $250 nintendo handheld is scoffed at because the ds lite/dsi are still the thing to get.

The NGP looming in the shadows has nothing to do with it from that perspective. It too will be looked at by the consumers and their wallets and if it isnt priced accordingly then it too will be scoffed at. There are millions who bought the wii over the likes of the 360 and ps3. Do you really think they are going to know what the value of an NGP or 3ds has to offer?

firefoxprime2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Wrong. Get both isn't unreasonable at all. You simply buy one now, and the other later. Why is it so hard for people to grasp a simple concept?: More consoles = more awesome games.

@AWBrawler: "Yes One Piece. Those games are better than any anime related game ever. They are Tales series and Namco RPG level good"

.Hack, Jump Ultimate Stars, and DragonBallZ:Budokai3 say hi.

FragGen2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Or it could be that no one wants another $200+ handheld gizmo to carry around. The kids are covered with the DS and the grown ups have phones.

The 3D is gimmicky and the machine feels a lot like another iteration of the DS when you are playing around with it. I have $150 credit at Gamestop and went down there to check it out with the intention of maybe buying it if it was amazing and didn't even bother to pick one up for $100.

I'm definitely getting an NGP but I'm HARDCORE. I have no idea if the general public will show much interest in it. I'd wager most of Nintendo's target market (younger kids) have NO IDEA the NGP is on the horizon and I don't think they'll have enough $$$ to buy it @ launch anyway.

DistrictMime2773d ago

I think its the lack of interesting launch titles.

TastyTreats2773d ago

i dont think they'll be able to save the system tho

AWBrawler2773d ago

agreed. Not everyone loves Submarines (Steel Diver) UFC goes anime (Street Fighter) and playing God (sims 3) as much as I do.

Now if this happens with Kid Icarus 3, Mario 3D OOT 3D, Snake Eater, DOA, Mega Man Legends, and One Piece released, then maybe we should get concerd.

Yes One Piece. Those games are better than any anime related game ever. They are Tales series and Namco RPG level good

Ravage272773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

but Nintendo are horribly mistaken if they think the 3DS can easily outsell the NGP 2:1 this round.

The new era of smartphones have changed the market's appetite for high-end portables devices. And seeing how gaming is the most used feature, NGP has a good shot at the very least.

I might buy both system this christmas but i would need a great software lineup from both Sony and Nintendo to justify my purchase. SF remakes and casualware aren't going to cut it.

nikola9872773d ago

Nintendo doesn't think that.. But I am :)
3DS will win in the end :D

Ravage272773d ago

Let's be realistic here, no one expects NGP to outsell the 3DS in raw numbers.

It is going to be a closer fight though, and we gamers can only stand to gain from this competition. There's enough room in the market for both portables and there are many gamers like me who wouldn't mind owning both.

remanutd552773d ago

i hope not , i want to see nintendo do good when it comes to portable gaming , of course im only getting Sony's NGP but since both are true portable gaming machines i want both to do good , happy gaming everyone and i cant freaking wait to have my own NGP !!!!

a_bro2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

"Is Sony NGP’s Looming Shadow The Reason For Slowed Down Sales Of Nintendo 3ds?"

thats a stupid question, and thats no. the lack of games are slowing it down. this is natural for every launch system.

once the games come out, people will buy.

NGP will have the same effect, unless sony goes all out on launch day.

Butt0n_m4sher2773d ago

you could have made the same comment without the "that's a stupid question," and be taken more seriously.

The truth is there is always more than one reason for varying consumer demands and the NGP coming soon could be one of them, whether its a small or large influence.

So no, not a stupid question, but a borderline stupid comment indeed.

Nugan2773d ago

While I agree that he could have put it more tactfully, it honestly is a stupid question.

If the NGP and 3DS were releasing during the same one or two month period, or if ads for both systems were airing simultaneously, then you might be able to make this argument. Most consumers simply don't make purchasing choices the way this question imagines.

Yes, some educated gamers are probably holding out for the NGP, but the average shopper doesn't know it exists yet, and certainly has no clue what it will cost, nor are they thinking about what they'll be buying during the holidays when they go shopping in March and April.

Now if 3DS sales drop harder around NGP's release, then you can start asking this question.

(Personally, I honestly don't know why the 3DS has been struggling. I don't think weak launch titles are the whole story. Maybe weak launch titles + high price + launching so far from the holidays + economic anxiety.)

Fishy Fingers2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Possibly, but it would only be a very small proportion. 99% of people wont even know about the NGP, let alone release dates, pricing, features etc so it shouldn't hold much weight against something they can pick up and play with in store.

More likely, people are more than happy with their DS and Nintendo are struggling to convince people this is more than just a DS with a 3D screen. Launch line-up aint doing it any favours either.

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