Steam Success Holding Up Half-Life Development?

Steam is a huge success, and it's arguably the leading digital distribution platform for gamers on the PC. But has the growth of Steam's business led to a slowdown in Valve's own games development? Is the so-called "Valve Time" actually a symptom of Steam's hogging Valve's resources? That's the argument that Stardock's Brad Wardell made to IndustryGamers this week.

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kyl2772773d ago

Yes I think Steam and TF2 has forced Half Life to take a back seat which is pretty bad as I'm looking forward to Ep3.

ColecoVision2773d ago

Valve should just hand off Half-Life 3 to some modders. They seem to be more dedicated, and will do it for free.

Ducky2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Dedicated, yes... but they don't really have the entire skill-set. Mostly hobbyists... and valve usually ends up hiring the good ones like the guy who made the Minnerva series. (I think)

Besides, I know a lot of people that have money riding on whether Ep3/HL3 releases before BlackMesaSource.

ColecoVision2772d ago

I could maybe see an Episode 3 out before Black Mesa Source, but no way in hell a Half Life 3. If nothing is said at E3 then Black Mesa will be out first.

I've watched the Black Mesa Source trailer several times, and I think it's stunning. I wish they would take down the 2009 finish date. However, the update says it'll be finished when it's finished.

DeadlyFire2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Only bad side to talented free modders is they have lives and free activities don't always come first to mind. Like Black Mesa Source. Very talented team. Just no full scale production around it. Its the way mods work. Lots of mods take forever compared to real game development due to time constraints in people's lives. Its worth the wait in many ways though.

HL 3 will probably be announced by E3 2012. Would be awesome I think. I am very doubtful in Episode 3 existing anymore. Its likely HL3 or nothing now.

VMAN_012773d ago

Even though they are taking their sweet time, its Valve so you know the final product is going to deliver.

distorted_reality2773d ago

Interesting argument, but I don't think it's on the money.

I think it's more that Valve realised that what they wanted to do with Ep3 was just too big to fit inside an episode, so they're doing a full game release and taking their time with it, which could be coinciding with a new engine.

karl2773d ago

i kinda believe they are trying to push the next half life for next gen...

so they can really make an awesome game..

i just dont see them willing to develop it for the current console generation ..

maybe they feel like they are being held back by consoles? i dont know.. i just expect the best from valve and this particular franchise .. so its an idea.

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