TGH: Nascar 2011 The Game Review

TGH Writes: NASCAR is beloved sport across the country and is often picked on for its simplicity. There is a certain amount of respect that goes out there for drivers who risk their lives every day and take on the track. There is also respect to be garnered for a developer to take the seat of a highly popularized sport that was once apart of another publisher and try to make it their own. Eutechnyx and Activision look to bring the realism and the sheer speed of the sport to gamers with NASCAR 2011: The Game. Does this one get the checkered flag or does it get one too many yellow’s?

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ShadyDevil2773d ago

It wasn't the worst game but it showed a lot of potential.

V0LT2773d ago

It still has a lot of potential. They are fixing a ton of things in the new patch next month.

ShadyDevil2773d ago

That, I did not know about. Interesting.

V0LT2773d ago

Yeah, go visit their forums. There is a patch fix list of what has been fixed and what is being worked on. They are releasing it as 1 large patch.