TGH: Dissidia Duodecim(012) Final Fantasy Review

TGH Writes: Dissidia: Final Fantasy was an attempt to change the formula up by pitting heroes and villains from previous Final Fantasy games (I-XII) into fighting each other in one-on-one duels. Dissdia: Final Fantasy was a complete fan service success. Now Square-Enix released Dissidia: Duodecim (012) Final Fantasy. Dissidia: 012 Final Fantasy aims to add more fan service than ever before. With the inclusion of new characters, story, content, and more, that doubled what the first Dissdia ever had. Does Dissidia: 012 Final Fantasy give more what the fans want? Or is it just a complete Sqaure-Enix cash-in? Find out in this review of Dissidia: Duodecim (012) Final Fantasy.

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ShadyDevil2745d ago

Great game. Love every minute of it!

BigDollarZoe9542745d ago

nice review a must buy if you have a psp