Microsoft demos Kinect SDK (out tomorrow) with WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft today gave a sneak peak at one of the many applications that can and will be created with the official Kinect SDK, due to release tomorrow at MIX11. The demo allows users to navigate the WorldWide Telescope software using hand gestures to zoom, rotate and pan.

We have already seen many innovative Kinect "hacks" as a result of a third party solution, but the official SDK will allow Kinect owners to create and share their own software using Microsoft's support and API's. Projected onto a 10 foot display, this first demonstration goes to show how Kinect will work well outside of the desk and living room environment.

Despite the relatively simple application and use of Kinect, it is a smooth first demonstration of Kinect working well on Windows officially. Check out the MIX11 site tomorrow for more, including live streaming of the Keynote and sessions.

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VampiricDragon_2746d ago

when wil kinect work well with games?

Stryfeno22746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

When you buy a 360 bundled with kinect and own a kinect enable game.

Active Reload2746d ago

This will be cool with my HD projector 120", can't fuss at that...

Sean Ryno2746d ago

They need to start coming out with something for the kinect. They sold almost 10 MILLION of those damn things. Even I have one, where are the games? The kinect should be built to work well with games, I'm tired of games that are simply built around kinect.

VampiricDragon_2746d ago

your not going to see it. It sold that many because of casuals and holiday sales. Its already failed in japan and europe. Its only selling here.

gamingdroid2746d ago

I remember people used to complain about the same thing when the PS3 was released and look where we are now.

Essentially selling 10 million ensured Kinect will be well supported by publishers.

VampiricDragon_2746d ago

^ the 360 isnt being exclusively supported by developers anymore and it hasnt for years really.

herukuti2746d ago

i want a connect for my w7pc, it would be cool if i could use swipe with it.