Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Selling Like Hotcakes

"Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 released March 29th of this year, since that day, according to NASDQ: ERTS approximately 225,000 copies have been sold. With just a one week release window, this makes for the fastest selling Tiger Woods game ever made in the series franchise."

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Emilio_Estevez2772d ago

It's all those bells and wistles they added.

shadowknight2032772d ago

Yeah definitely. I haven't bought a pga game since 07'. So this was definitely a good buy for me.

whateva2772d ago

next year they are thinking about taking Tiger off the cover & adding me.

shadowknight2032772d ago

lmao you would surely sell the copies bro!

a_bro2772d ago

Move support- check

Wiimote+ and Balance support- check

Masters- check