Patapon 3 Hits PSP Today for $20, Free Item Code Here

PSBlog writes "Hey patapon fans! The big day has finally arrived! Patapon 3 is finally here! We’ve got loads and loads of new features and content (its all so new and so fun!)."

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Bathyj2835d ago

You know Sony, I'd probably buy all three of these games along with LocoRoco if you made them PS3 compatible.

I guess you want me to buy a PSP, and fair enough, I have been thinking about it. I just dont game enough on the move. Between work and home, I'm fairly well covered.

Tell you what, make them Play Xperia games and I'll meet you halfway.

rezzah2835d ago

The PSP has got to have something exclusive for you to want to buy it at least. Shows that it's worth owning (which it is).

Or you can just wait until the arrival of the NGP.

Bathyj2835d ago

Yeah, i know.

I though about getting PSP Go. That way all your games transfer over to the NGP. Is that right?

rezzah2835d ago

Well from what we know for sure is that the NGP will turn out to be like the PSP GO, digital.

So I believe that we will have no problems playing our digital games on the NGP. The UMDs are another case...