Capcom Captivate 2011 Round Up

Last week was Capcom’s annual event to showcase their new games and other projects. Gaming journalists gather to the event and are shown some big surprises like last year’s Marvel vs Capcom 3 reveal.

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InLaLaLand2744d ago

Other than Street Fighter x Tekken, Asura's Wrath and Dragons Dojima (Oops I mean Dogma too much Yakuza :P) look great. Hopefully they do not DLC fuck the hell out of those games.

DeleteThisxx2744d ago

I hope they do. I love tasting your tears.

InLaLaLand2744d ago

How are you going to taste MY tears, by licking the screen?

DeleteThisxx2744d ago

No. I know where you live. So, when you leave your house I'm going to take your tear drenched pillow, squeeze it, allow the tears that are plastered all over it to drip into a jar, take said jar and pour your tears into my morning coffee, enjoy my day, and lastly, continue the process when I run out.

I rely on DLC for tasty coffee.

Oh, and then I'll purchase that DLC!

InLaLaLand2744d ago

Thanks for the laugh, have a bubble.

DeleteThisxx2744d ago

Anytime:D Glad not everyone here is an over emotional asshole.

GameGambits2744d ago

Get a room you two. :P

The event was some great news. I'm super excited for the AE DLC and Dragon's Dogma looks right up my alley. :)

RockmanII72744d ago

What, no MvC3 DLC news? That sucks, I want my Frank West and Psylocke man.

movements2744d ago

Capcom let the big boys loose at captivate. Enjoyed the event!

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