PSP Official Firmware 6.38 Released

YES, another new firmware update for PSP has released by Sony, this time is firmware 6.38. You can use the network update feature with WiFi connection to download or visit the Official PlayStation Portable website...

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mushroomwig2772d ago

Remember the time when a PSP firmware meant new features? *sighs*

TheEatingChampagne2772d ago

Remember the time when the PSP actually had games? *sighs*
I don't see why people have so much faith in the NGP.. I believe it would be the same shit

darthv722772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

they ran out of ideas to improve the psp? They are turning their efforts on to the ngp now. Sad because I have given sony a few ideas of features they could add to the psp.

One in particular is being able to use virtual memory from a MSPD. You go into the settings and allocate anywhere from as little as 32mb to 512mb of space on a MSPD to be used for game data to help alleviate load times.

Another was a similar idea for increasing the amount of cache memory for the psp browser. Adding in different video/audio codec support. There are plenty of things they could have done but now with the NGP, they dont need to on the original psp.

Noble Spartan2772d ago

what is this? I have cfw.

people use

5.50 Gen-D3
5.50 Promethuis 4

and newer 6.xx pro customer firmware.