PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 57 details

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Hello all,

Not many mags come with a free friend. In this month’s issue you’ll find a Portal 2 Companion Cube papercraft to keep you company as you turn the pages. You have to build it as GLaDOS says, “Regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain alone and companionless”. And she’s a psychopathic AI so you’d best stay on her good side.

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redDevil872773d ago

Did it have anything about GTA5, Hitman 5 or MW3 in the magazine? Like information on the games?

Craptain_Steel2773d ago

GTA Cast leaked, actors studio leaked.

Hitman 5 cryptic clues, these pretty much confirm it.

Nothing on MW3 i'm afraid.

redDevil872773d ago


Are there any famous people for the cast? If you don't mind me asking