The BlurbCast – Ep. 02: Online Passcode Debacles, Anonymous’ Next Move And More

GameBlurb writes, "Welcome back to another episode of the BlurbCast! We’ve been having some issues the past few weeks (Corey’s internet being hit by a tree is one of them) but we’re hopefully back on course! On this show we talk about the current publisher’s rave on Online Pass Codes, The Early April Game Drought, Sony sticking their dick into the hive and more! Tune in and enjoy the show!"

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junk3d2744d ago

Hopefully you'll do this more.

Kiroe2744d ago

I could listen (haha, I do) podcasts all day. They are perfect to work to. Anyways, I agree, it will be an uphill battle on the Passcodes. As long as people spend the money, publishers will continue doing it. Sad really.

MicrocutsX22744d ago

"Putting your dick into the hive of anonymous" haha thats exactly what Sony did.