Games Abyss: Crysis 2 Review

Matt Randisi writes, "Crysis 2 had a significant amount of hype surrounding its release, as before the demo was even playable it was being touted as the best looking game ever made on consoles. In a time where graphics wars seem more prevalent then delivering a decent story, the FPS genre seemed a perfect choice to put out a winning candidate for that claim. After all, shooters aren’t known for much more than their visuals and gameplay to begin with. Smart move on Crytek’s part not to get anyone’s hopes up concerning that latter part, we can’t be upset if we don’t have an unreasonable standard set. So now we have a formula for a game that can actually deliver on the boasts given by its developers, and be pleasantly surprising as opposed to sorelydisappointing. Does it work out that way?"

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Ace_19752772d ago

For me this is easily a 9/10 it actually delivers both on and offline. Rare for a FPS these days.

Jrip232772d ago

I don't know about 9 out of 10, but I do agree that online and offline are both pretty solid. I would prefer Killzone 3 in both departments.