Samus Aran: Video Game’s First and Best Female Action Hero

GameDynamo - "Samus Aran is the ultimate galactic bounty hunter, the most badass heroine in video game history, and the champion of GameDynamo's Ultimate Character Showdown. Readers voted Samus victor over the likes of Lara Croft, Nariko, and Mass Effect's Miranda Lawson, amongst many others. The reasons are manifold - she’s a versatile warrior with the ability to incorporate new weapon systems into her arsenal; she can analyze complex anomalies that mottle the worlds she traverses; and she flexes her gymnastic acumen to take on legions of "metroids." She’s also video game’s first real female action hero, and unlike other popular game series, the Samus from the original Metroid remains the same throughout the years... almost."

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kesvalk2838d ago

she is the best character of all nintendo series, heck of games industry

*fanboy mode on*

tunaks12838d ago

I agree,
But in a little while this article will probably be flooded with hate for Other M

flyingmunky2838d ago

That is because compared to every other Metroid game Other M is absolute rubbish.

I still need to finish slogging through that game so I can have a complete opinion. From what I have seen I can honestly state that Other M doesn't hold a candle to the rest of the games in the series.

PygmelionHunter2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

It doesn't hold up as a "Metroid" game, but as an action game i thought it was pretty good, it was a nice change of pace in the franchise IMO, now i would love to see either a right of the formula Metroid game by Retro Studios (Metroid Prime 4 please?) or another action oriented Metroid made again by Team Ninja and Nintendo or maybe even a 2D Metroid by umm Nintendo i guess, what i mean by that is that they're all welcome!

tunaks12838d ago

I found the action in Other M quite good.
In terms of comparing it to other Metroid games, thats when nostalgia comes in.
Looking back at the Prime Series (which was great) a lot of that exploration people talked so fondly of, I remember most of it as wondering aimlessly.

My main problem with Other M is length, at normal difficulty is quite brief. But looking back I enjoyed every min of it (except those dam scanning segments!)

tieryas2837d ago

One thing that was interesting is that before the Prime series, everyone wanted a game like other M- that is, Metroid in third person. Because the prime series was so successful, people wanted more of prime. I think other M was a great start with some amazing moments. hopefully, they can build on it! and it'd be cool to see if they do anything with metroid on the 3DS.

TheoreticalParticle2838d ago

Genaa D'anhk and Pomma D'ok from the C-64 Action/Adventure game Below the Root pre-date Samus by 2 years.

mygd2838d ago

I enjoyed Other M, though it was a bit different. It's was still a great game!

Venox20082838d ago

Samus is really the best female character..