Mysterious Sarif Industries Ad Promises Human Augmentation

VGW: An eerie and intriguing advertisement from a company known as Sarif Industries surfaced on YouTube today, and it feels like something out of a science fiction novel. The ad depicts seemingly normal people enjoying activities like playing piano, sight-seeing, and football—that is, until the camera zooms in to elegantly highlight robotic fingers, hands, arms, and even eyes.

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extermin8or2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

lol that was strange :p

killyourfm2747d ago

we totally thought about not even acknowledging that it was Deus Ex-related, but realized we'd get blasted and laughed at from here to eternity.

extermin8or2747d ago

lol as I was reading it I was wondering if you were going to acknowledge it :p

Fil1012747d ago

this will happen in the future,army's of uni sols

SRTold2747d ago

I still refuse to buy a cell phone until I can eventually have a chip board implanted in my brain for on the go wi-fi communication. Fuck cell phones and their archaic design.

sonicsidewinder2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

What are you guys on about. This is REAL!


-Gespenst-2747d ago

That piano chick at the start was smokin'. Though she'd probably crush your bollocks with those hands...

Quagmire2747d ago

One helluva handjob though, if she doesnt rip it out that is

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