LA Noire PS3 Exclusive Content Revealed

Amazon, Gamestop & Walmart recently updated the box art for the PS3 version with the Exclusive Content/ Only on PS3 logo.

Looks like an exclusive case called Consul's Car Traffic for PS3.

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zootang4821d ago

Red Dead Redemption also had exclusive content. Hopefully the trend will continue. There is always space on the Blu Ray to be able to deliver extra content.

HolyOrangeCows4821d ago

Oooooooooh! CASE. Like in a case that a detective takes. Taking the case.

I thought case like box and I was like....that's lame.

Biggest4821d ago

"Yes, but it was not worth for getting the inferior looking version."

That doesn't make sense. With one you get more. With the other you get less, but nicer lipstick. You prefer less with nice lipstick, but you don't know a good deal when you see it.

Aloren4821d ago

When the extra content is indeed a good deal, that's probably worth getting the slightly inferior looking version, but when it's as pointless as it was for RDR (a new gang hideout and a skin ?), I see no reason not to get the best looking version just for 10 min of extra content on a 30h+ game.

The new case in LA noire sounds like a great exclusive content though.

Wenis4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

I remember Agent was essentially made a PS3 exclusive to make up for the exclusive content 360 got from GTA. Well now with the exclusive content on PS3 for RDR and now LA Noire, its starting to look like Agent either lost its exclusivity or has been cancelled.

gaden_malak4821d ago

"You prefer less with nice lipstick, but you don't know a good deal when you see it."

He's probably the guy who takes the ugly fat friend so his mate can get her hot friend.

DelbertGrady4821d ago

MS gets exclusive content - "They bribed them with their deep pockets! Typical MS tactic!"

Sony gets exclusive content - "This is a good deal. Sony are good!"

stevenhiggster4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

MS gets exclusive content -"They bribed them with their deep pockets! Typical MS tactic!"
Sony gets exclusive content -"This is a good deal. Sony are good!"

Actually I think you'll find Sony kinda did pay for this, in that they had already pumped millions into the production of the game before letting it go and Rockstar picking up the pieces.
Rather than Sony saying, "hold on there Rockstar, that'll be x million please". They said, "ok you can have it, but we get Agent and some exclusive content for LA noire".

limewax4821d ago

Why is everyone actually praising rockstar at the moment. Am I the only one who remembers GTA4 being too serious and stripping all the fun out, now since then we got RDR, Next is LA Noire, Agent. And then GTA5?

Its been years since they planned to make anything even close to as good as the old GTA games so why is everyone praising their new serious direction thats devoid of all the old fun their games used to have?

dabri54820d ago

Have they even showed the 360 version? I wasn't too impressed with the visuals of the game at PAX (though the game play and story were AAA quality so whatever). Because the PS3 is the lead platform, this seriously worries me about the 360 version. The fact they haven't shown it makes it even scarier.

AssassinHD4820d ago

I actually hope the trend of exclusive content for multiplatform releases ceases. I think it is a terrible practice to favor one sect of your supporters over another.

Making a game exclusive is one thing, but if you are going to sell your product to two different groups of people then you should treat them the same.

king dong4820d ago

la noire is looking good! i still havent decided wether or not i will get the 360 or ps3 version..

now to those talking about the agent, i think you will be upset, coz i think this has either been canned or is now multi!! we will see

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sinncross4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

I expect Sony to announced this exclusive DLC plus others for other games at E3.

EDIT: sorry, didnt realise its release date is actually before. My mistake, still i expect Sony to announce dlc for other games.

Thepro3184821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

nah i doubt it the game comes out a month before E3

badz1494821d ago

"still i expect Sony to announce dlc for other games." - just DLC? aren't you mistaken Sony with the other console maker? I prefer full games announcement over DLC any day of the week!

DrFUD4821d ago

"That's a good boxart."

I actually hate the exclusive strips look.
It's poorly done with its half ass look and clashes with everything

Neckbear4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

No, it's not.

It's actually pretty ugly, even more considering the actually cool RDR boxart.

Should've been black and white, kind of like this: http://img29.imageshack.us/...

Just for PS3 and add the "exclusive content" thing.


"and it doesn't have that hot dead chick on the cover."

That's the point; she feels horribly out of place.

For a game that's basically based on a noir theme, having COLOR in the cover is pretty retarded.

_Empath_4821d ago

Hell no. That boxart looks too drab and it doesn't have that hot dead chick on the cover.


stuntman_mike4821d ago

that 360 cover looks like someone just photocopied it lol.

Kahvipannu4821d ago

I agree Neckbear, the cover art could have been different, like b&w. Thankfully the game isn't affected by it :D I'm hoping this turns out to be good one..

Kakihara4821d ago

I usually don't care about boxart but I have to agree, that is a seriously cool cover.

TheLastGuardian4821d ago

It's official. Now EVERY game I'm buying this year will say Only on PlayStation on the box.

tatotiburon4821d ago

wow looks like the xbox 360 version will be better, like rdr and ac brotherhood, rockstar and ubisoft gave the ps3 users exclusive content because they had to play the worst version of the game

P_Bomb4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dante's Inferno, BioShock (post patch), Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, Mortal Kombat 9 and Portal 2 say hi.

insomnium24821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

Could you give me a calculation on how much worse the experiences are on PS3 for those games in percentages. Is x360 versions like 100% and PS3 versions like 98%? 97%? Am I missing even more pecentages?

Tell you what. You put your x360-exclusives + the percentical differences against PS3 exclusives and maybe then you see how utterly pathetic you sound.....

Without a PS3 you miss out on 20 franchises of games and without x360 you miss out on 3 franchises of games and 2-3% of some multiplats. This is no competition really so what do you think your comment means to PS3 gamers?

Some people still live in 2007 it seems LOL!

ILikeTurtles4820d ago

I feel sorry for u 360 gamers xD
If you think a game is superior because of a small texture differecne, then you're retarded if you bought a 360.

360 gamers contradict themselves, "we have better graphics on out version" xD
FYI: It's possible to build a pc with much higher specs than a 360 for less than 300us$.

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B_Rian894821d ago