How Chrome is a Possibility

PCN : "There are recent rumors floating around the web about Chrome making its way to PS3. While Google has yet to officially confirm these rumors, many people are still hoping it is true. So let’s take a look at how this could be possible."

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iamnsuperman2772d ago

Lets just hope this is true the PS3 browser well sucks....i use chrome on my laptop and its great lets hope the make it a little more PS3 friendly

2771d ago
starcb262771d ago

I find it weird that youtube barely works, but porn sites work great.

farhad2k82771d ago


You my friend, deserve a bubble for that 'well said' comment haha

GodofwarGoty2772d ago

i really hope Sony does get the google Chrom it would really be a great thing to have Sony has made there system better and if they change the web brower to google chrom everything would be Great

[email protected]2772d ago

This could be a great partnership right there... all the sony products like HDTV, Blu-Rays, PS3 and the Sony new tablet could included Google Chrome as a browser, which in the end means a great business for both parties.

dangert122771d ago

Recent rumor... its been a umor since chrome was released to the masses

btk2771d ago

Would be great. I use Chrome on Win7 and Ubuntu.

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