New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City trailer

A new trailer has just been released for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Now we know where all these recent screen-caps were coming from. You can check out the trailer below and be sure to stay tuned for our breakdown of it later tonight.

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Dart892773d ago

Looks more like cod than Resident evil what have they done to this great franchise??

EYEamNUMBER12773d ago

the fact that this isn't cannon and has nothing to do with the resident evil story already makes me feel kinda meh towards this game

if someone gave this to me id play it but it really doesn't look like something i would want to pay for

JBoc9732773d ago

At least we got Revelations to look forward to. But this game seems interesting, multiplayer should be pretty crazy what with all the BOWs running wild.

RedDead2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

All I have to say is wait and see. We never had a tactical versus game with zombies and shi* being a secondary threat.

What turns me off is Slantsix reputation for being average. I don't mind that this is nothing like resident evil, because Resident Evil 4 is also nothing like Resident evil. And imo RE4 is the best one. So i'll wait and not write it off, hopefully a demo can let me see how good or bad it is. Also remember this, it took Guerilla games 6 games before they got a really good one out, that was Killzone 2. Give S6 a chance they might just pull it off one of these days.

Second I said this the other day

"I would like to point out that RE1 and 2 had different versions of what happened. The accepted parts get brought into new games. For example in RE1 Chris and Barry could both die. However the accepted and put forward cannon version is they live. This game could be the same, you fail to kill Leon or succeed, however the cannon version will be you failing to kill."

Also, another thing to remember, the Us army was doing this in RE, it was off screen, Umbrella sent 4 tyrants into Raccoon city not just the 1 following Leon in RE2. 3 of them where to fight the Us soldiers.

I also like the idea of a common enemy just jumping into the games, the tyrant in the trailer looks like it will be a menace to all. I was wondering how they were going to put it forward that the Tyrant would attack both sides(since USS and Tyrants are both umbrella), but I suppose they don't have that much control over these type of tyrants, only nemesis type can be told exactly what to do(which was: KILL STARS)

I_find_it_funny2773d ago

is this a full blown RE game like RE6 or some kind of spin off

EYEamNUMBER12773d ago


its a spin off that has nothing to do with the story at all (not canon)

its a new spin on RE

Pixel_Pusher2773d ago

socom mechanics battling zombies and how is this a bad thing?

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JBoc9732773d ago

They felt the need to appeal to this generation's uprising of shooter fans I guess...

-Superman-2773d ago

So its multiplayer game.
No single player, Socom gameplay.
WTF grahpic? So bad?

chidori6662773d ago

this looks like SOCOM 4, LOL!

Daver2773d ago

There is something I still dont know about this game.. is it an HD remake or its a complete new game?

X-DominusRebellis-X2772d ago

Sorry but from everything that was RE1 walking down the mansion halls with leaping dogs, hunters, and giant snakes to this...all I have to say is what a shame. I'll probably buy this game and play it simply because I have been a RE fan from day one back in 1997 or so, but what a great way to sell out a survival horror franchise, what a shame!

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Prcko2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

what is this shit??
this isn't resident evil lol,capcom you dissapointed me sooo much!!!

MidnytRain2773d ago

...who lols when they are dissappointed?

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TardcoreGamer2773d ago

looks like Capcom hasn't gotten the message still...

SwampCroc2771d ago

parts of that looked something like MGO type gameplay...

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