Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hits PSN Today With PlayStation Move Support

Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since we unveiled Dungeon Hunter: Alliance at E3, but the wait is finally over. Today, the game is available for download on the PlayStation Network!

In all honesty, we might have been able to release it sooner, but we really wanted to make sure this was a polished game, not just a run-of-the-mill hack ‘n slash. While the storyline is based on the original Dungeon Hunter, we wanted to re-imagine everything else for Alliance. So we rebuilt our game systems, graphics and engine from the ground up for the PlayStation 3.

Price: $12.99 -- PS+ Subscribers $9.75

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Dart893933d ago

Looks great might have to get it.

DrFUD3933d ago


JohnnyMann4203932d ago

Yeah I love it so far!

For fans of diablo-esque games this is a must.

JohnnyMann4203932d ago

Lol believe it or not I am playing this right now.

Miths3932d ago

The US store getting a game a week later than the EU store, there's a bit of a surprise :).

I bought it last week and while I unfortunately haven't had time to play it much yet, I was pleased that it plays quite well with Move (something I was a bit skeptical about for an action RPG), even menu navigation (which isn't really required all that often) doesn't feel particularly unwieldy.

Visually it's not particularly inspiring though - it has a an art style somewhat reminiscent of Torchlight (shame the 360 was the only console to get a port of that game, I really enjoyed the PC version), but not nearly as pretty.

shadowknight2033932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

My biggest complaint with this game (something I should have mentioned in my review tehe) is that when searching for an online game, the menu lags horrendously. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but playing the game for 30 plus hrs, it does get really annoying.

eggbert3932d ago

Gameloft makes some of the worst (in a good way) commercials for their games. I bought Modern Combat: Domination solely because of how wacky the trailer was.

This trailer isn't as wacky, but the game looks fun. 4 player co-op is great as well.

Gen0ne3932d ago

May all of those actors never book another commercial again. Good God.

3932d ago
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