Dragon Age 2 Review -

If you're a fan of the first part very good RPG Dragon Age and its sequel will be somewhat disappointing for you. Those who expect from the BioWare developers improve the game mechanics and everything in the first episode being absolutely did not work, so unfortunately, was not. Dragon Age 2 brings the overall simplification, which, while appreciated by many new players, but again repel those who like one. And Dragon Age 2, to reach the top of the best RPGs, although as the story goes, I really offers a riveting plot, because you have to finish the game until the very end. The first part is rather pursues a path to the now legendary RPG Baldur's Gate, but the second part shall elect a new modern way that offers a lot more action, which sounds interesting, but as they say, what is power, there is too much. A certain similarity here with the first part is, after all, and especially the epic story cut-scenes and great characters processed. How Dragon Age 2 turned out, you wi...

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