SOCOM: Special Forces - Eurogamer Portugal review

Eurogamer said: "SOCOM is now more an action game then a militaire game".

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chidori6662750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

This is what Zipper gets for trying to make a COD Socom game..

nnotdead2750d ago

or is it MAG, or GeOW, or maybe ffffrrrrrttttttttttt :)

Pixel_Pusher2750d ago

from chidori666 comment history

"What happened to the crew who used to actually be innovative and build distinct games offering a fantastic gameplay in SOCOM 2 Zipper?

Great job Zipper... I hope everyone of you get fired"

yeah you seem like a fan. now how can you cancel something you never actually ordered in the first place. please...

_Empath_2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Get LBP 2. STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE. Okay, 7/10 not bad.

nnotdead2750d ago

bought the first and have yet to pick up 2. when i find it cheaper i'll pick it up or wait for game of the year edition.

though this comment has little to nothing to do with the topic.

LevDog2750d ago

Tripping man.. This could be the best Socom since S2.. besides a few annoying bugs.. Its hella fun.. I like the changes they made.. It blows confrontation out the water

hardcorehippiez2750d ago

have to agree lev and im a socom 1st iwas wtf , found it overwhelming and was gettin shot from everywhere lol. learn the maps use cover be stealthy. zipper need to bring back and change a few things via patches and if they do it will be the best socom imo. none of the others where perfect either but we learned to adapt and will with this game . i think if the game modes and maps from the older socom games gets brought back this game will be a winner . day 1 for me regardless of score .

ksoto2750d ago

I agree! At first i tried to run and gun and was promptly eating dirt!!!! lol I had to learn to slow down, observe the map and use cautious entry when approaching certain points. Its so much fulfilling when you get a hard earned kill as oppossed to COD where its so easy to come out in the top 2 or 3 every time bcus your just running and gunning and things arent tactical at all (well they can be sometimes, but for the most part they are not).

LevDog2750d ago

Exactly.. I was overwhelmed at first.. It didnt give me that Socom feel.. Then I hacked away at it.. Now its "SOCOM" that feel is there.. A few old game modes, old camera view.. and cross hairs and this game will be the best.. I like the level up weapon system.. Because you like a weapon and can make it better by using it.. So far in the beta there is no "dominate" few guns.. Everyone uses whatever..

Air strikes add a nice touch for a good round.. wish it was more wide spread.. but like I said few bugs and some fixes.. I will play the crap out of it..

I dont know how but I some how but over 16 hours in the beta alone.. Which is alot of gaming for me..

Trroy2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

They scored it down because it wasn't *enough* like CoD, not vice-versa.

blahblah2750d ago

i'd score it 3/10 exactly because it feels like CoD. "tactical shooter" my ass, "spray'n'pray fest with lamest controls ever" should be correct description. after trying demo, i was kinda glad i don't need to wait for used one (my sony boycotting and socom release were my biggest gripe, i was watching preorder button every day last month. i so wished i wouldn't boycott, lucky me, i don't care anymore)

just my biggest annoyances with demo:
- r3 for knife and l3 to run (how dumb can controls be?)
- some strange aim assist (as far as i saw, many people had gripe with same thing in confrontation). i scored most of my headshots in run'n'gun, few in ots and none in aim mode. and for most run'n'gun i'm sure i never hit nowhere near their head or them even, while i'm sure my aim mode was perfect headshot few times in a row and no bullet hit the target
- boring or better said... maps without sense (there is simply too much of everything like someone had no design what was the goal and purpose of it and just trashed whole map with random parts). i could be wrong here, i didn't play it more than 3 hours. maybe map gets better when someone knows it by heart
- 32 is too crowded for anything remotely tactical (there was description about 4v4 and 8v8, but no option to select it, maybe not present in demo)
- typical PSN lag (but i have to admit, way less than uc2)
- air strikes were the last straw which made my decision i won't buy even used one. last time i was so annoyed was when mgo got Mei Ling as special character

Trroy2750d ago


Okay, Jim Sterling.

blahblah2750d ago

if you ever played MGO which is best "tactical shooter" ever in my opinion, socom really feels like CoD

i'm still wondering where "tactical shooter" printed on box is hiding in mp. 3-4 hours of demo were 100% spray'n'pray fest just like every CoD

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lugia 40002750d ago Show
BabyTownFrolics2750d ago

can only afford one game this month

portal 2 on the ps3 it is then

_Empath_2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Getting air jordans this month. I'm getting portal 2 next month. I might get Socom just for my cousin cause he is a big fan and he was talking about it to me.

ElementX2750d ago

You must not like your cousin very much

im-12-years-old2750d ago

Getting mk9, portal 2, and socom 4 same day.

Gotta love those kmart deals.

Trroy2750d ago

LoL. I love the translation of this article. It reads like an Italian restaurant review.

'Often the feeling is "All the sauce and faith in God."'

All the sauce. LoL.

rezzah2750d ago

Game is like MAG in 3rd person, which is why I love it so much.

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