G4TV - SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals Review:

SOCOM has had a bumpy ride over the last few years. While the series flourished on the PSP, the first outing on the PS3 was viewed as lackluster and too stuck in the PS2 era. So, Sony and developer Zipper Interactive had their hands full bringing the once-renowned and innovative shooter up to snuff. Thankfully, the results are strikingly good. While still focusing on the team-based tactical action, there's enough refinement and technical enhancements here to make SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals a real contender in the fight for on- and off-line military supremacy.

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Philaroni2748d ago

Xplay is about the only people that know how to review games now day's I feel. I like there 5 star system much better. I hate how a site can give a game a 7.9 just taking off a 0.1 to get people to look at the review since all they see is the (7) and right away think it is a bad game. Been really getting annoying and I only see it in Sony First Party games.

LOGICWINS2748d ago

"I hate how a site can give a game a 7.9 just taking off a 0.1 to get people to look at the review since all they see is the (7) and right away think it is a bad game."

Well maybe people should change their perspective of what a "7" is. On a one to ten scale, a 7 out of ten is a GOOD score.

labaronx2748d ago

hell if you suck at math like i do a 70/100 on a Calculus exam is freakin sweet.

but you are correct sir i dont know where we got the idea that a 7 out of 10 are bad scores

LOGICWINS2748d ago

"but you are correct sir i dont know where we got the idea that a 7 out of 10 are bad scores"


Shackdaddy8362748d ago

I think it came from schools. 7/10 is a C which is a really mediocre score. You wouldn't be able to get into any good college or maintain a good job with average.

LOGICWINS2748d ago

^^Wasn't President George Bush Jr. a C student?

badz1492747d ago

what? it should be a B! and that means, "NOT BAD"

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caseh2748d ago

Gametrailers are pretty good, just listen to whats being said about the game rather than paying any attention to the score its given.

Only fanboys and trolls really care about the scoring aspect.

Philaroni2747d ago

Not it is not only them, trolls and fanboys only make up a very small % of the people who buy games. Its more that you have many people who get GI, look at IGN's reviews and other places and decided where to spend there cash off of that.

It is becoming more important now that it is getting harder to rent games. Over where I live both my Blockbusters closed so only way for me to play a game is a demo or buy it.

FailOverHero2748d ago

You only see it for SONY games because thats where your conspiracy filled mind always looks. Lots of games this year and every other year get 7.9 or 8.9 or 7.5, what makes SONY games so special that they shouldn't be given such scores??
On topic, seems like a solid 8.2 after all the reviews

telekineticmantis2748d ago

some of the greatest philosophers believed that, conspiracy is not an insult, it's a compliment to those that aren't easily brainwashed

labaronx2748d ago

two of my favorite games last year, were crackdown 2...... 70 still enjoyed it
metroid prime other m 79...... i found it really fun

i just hate how judgmental gamers are becoming, i didnt like homefront... but i didnt crap on it on every review of the game

Silly gameAr2748d ago

Forgive me if I question your sincerity, but I think you're full of bull and should be the last one calling anyone out over being a fanboy.

ComboBreaker2748d ago

"what makes SONY games so special that they shouldn't be given such scores??"

Because Sony's games are Triple A quality, unlike CoD and Halo.

Philaroni2747d ago

I see it the most there. I called out quite a few reviews on Homefront since it was a much better game then the scores gave it. I never said anything about Sony games that makes them special and there for should get better scores, not sure why you are putting words in my mouth.

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GunofthePatriots2748d ago

xplay is terrible and a joke of a site

Headquarters112747d ago

I always knew this game was never going to get a bunch of 9s and 10s. But seeing it get anything above a 7 is great. Can't wait to buy this next week!

Hopefully they release some of the classic modes and maps at some point. And fix some of the issues in Classic, like head shots and removing the cover system.

Philaroni2747d ago

I don't think 7's are bad, some of the best games I played where some of the more lower scoring ones. One of the games I love the most is PTO4 on the PS2 and Warship Gunner.

It never use to be that way but in this day an age people just have way to high of expectations.

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MysticStrummer2748d ago

Funny how they say Confrontation was viewed as being stuck in the PS2 era, and now some say Socom 4 is too far from the PS2 era. Socom "fans" complained about both. I loved the beta, and can't wait for the 19th.

ksoto2748d ago

Add me kenjovani day one purchase for me.

labaronx2748d ago

also getting but mainly for single player and coop

sickbird2748d ago

it has nothing to do with being too far from the Ps2 era. They changed what made the socom franchise unique.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Socom 4 probably don't deliver what really fans wanted.

But it deliver a solid, fun and most important, the Tactical Shooter game everyone was expecting.

MAG and BFBC2 (not actually tactical but it have a little bit on Multiplayer with your squad) were the last games I played when it comes to tactical shooter games.

SOCOM 4 Beta, delivers that gameplay and tactics when you play as a Team.

And I expect a lot more in the retail version.

Besides, don't forget how well Zipper supports their games with great updates. MAG is an example how they can drastically improve the game in various ways.

dkgshiz2747d ago

I want some real reviews. So far this and Gameinfomer are the only two that I seen. Gameinformer gave it an 8.