Captivate 2011: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Heading For PC

Capcom announces Super Street Fighter IV Arcade edition for consoles but there is more. The game is heading for the PC as well

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GoldPS32837d ago

Console gamer "I'm buying this day 1."
PC gamer "I'm downloading this as soon as it hits Piratebay."


WhiteNoise2837d ago

No need to pirate when the 1080p 60 frame version will be $10-20 cheaper than the console version.


Swiftfox2837d ago

Actually, there was no Super Street Fighter 4 released for the PC.

Vanilla SF4 was the only version released on the platform.

Not only will PC users have to pay for the DLC but they will also have to pay for the SSF4 features.

My guess is the PC version will be released for $50 (full retail) and the console DLC will be priced at $20-$25.

Substance1012837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

ABC AAA game launches on console, MS & Sony "time to rake in more royalties"

PC gamers point /laugh buy the superior version 15-20usd cheaper.

5 years later new console gen

ABC AAA game has HD remake(which is really just a upres) since original game no longer works on next console, Sony & MS "time to milk the retards for the same game again"

PC gamers /point laugh @ excited console gamers thinking they are getting a deal.

MWH2837d ago

the game is incredible.