Gaming is not drugs #60

Women’s Rights Group petitions to block sales of Duke Nukem Forever and therapist Steve Pope saying two hours of gaming is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine.This is getting out of hand host Goodfellajay and Yummy2289 will debate that.

3DS will achieve global sales of 11.6 million-
Big week in gaming 3 games come out the 19th-
Resistance 3 betas codes-

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IheartGames2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

ppl need to lay off games..good podcast goodfellajay .....i enjoy the show

-Mezzo-2774d ago

Agreed, i play around 25 Hours in a week at MAX, though most of my friends easily cross 40 Hours.

Blad3star2774d ago

Good god man - do you not have a 8-5 job or a girlfriend who needs loving at least 5 times a week?

AssassinHD2774d ago

I am married with kids and a full time job and I still find 20 hours a week to enjoy my hobby. I work, come home and spend some time with the kids until they go to bed, spend a bit of time with the wife, and take some time for myself at night. If you think you can't manage that with a girlfriend or job then maybe you need better time management skills Blad3star.

Blad3star2773d ago

@ Ass - Its not just my job and GF but I also do stuff like

Go to the gym 4 times a week
Play sports
I am member of the Red Cross
I go clubing with my buddies
Clean the house
Cut the grass

If it was just str8 home from work and servicing the GF then I would have loads of time to play games. Most I have is 10 hours a week....Sucks being a grown up : (

Dart892774d ago

Great podcast....They really think they're gonna get wal mart not to sell duke nukem lol.

mygd2774d ago

Gees! What else can docs say about video games?

DrFUD2774d ago

I knew it.
I knew I could pass one drug test!
If only it existed.