Ubisoft Confirms Move & 3D For Child Of Eden, Release '4 To 6 Weeks' Behind XBOX

PushSquare: "An Ubisoft representative has reiterated to PushSquare today that the PlayStation 3 version of Child Of Eden will include PlayStation Move support when it launches later in the year. The confirmation supports comments reported by MoveModo earlier in the month.

"We've also been told to expect stereoscopic 3D support in the PlayStation 3 version of the game. An Ubisoft representative told us that the game is a "natural fit" for the technology and that it looks "incredible" in action -- especially when coupled with the enhanced interactivity of the Move."

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Emilio_Estevez2744d ago

I don't think PS3 owners will care too much about this. Once it comes out for 360, people will realize it's not that great and then won't want it by the time it releases on ps3.

rezzah2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

After reading your comment I went to check out gameplay on youtube and I have to say it is pretty nice. Colorful and the music is good. But I fear that it might be such a relaxing game to play. I am picky with buying online games as I have bought very few over the years.

Personally I would play Flower over this game due to the sense of relaxation. Child of Eden does beat Flower with the shiny colours and musical beats. I think Move would best fit this type of game.

Edit: Thinking about some more motion controls for a game like this; in other words Kinect. It would be fun if they could implement hand motions like simply moving it around the screen showing one's palm or fist in order to shoot and or lock-on.

EVILDEAD3602744d ago

Been waiting for this game since the day it premiered live on the Ubisoft giant screen at E3..

This game is absolutely perfect for Kinect..but I can also see how Move will be cool for the feedback and even 3D makes great sense for the visuals.

Either way day one for me..This game + my 65 inch TV + my surround sound blasting = Bliss

Life is good


rezzah2744d ago

Yea playing this game with that setup would be pretty awesome.

mamotte2744d ago

I dont get why are you saying this. Not even a clue.

clank5432744d ago

I'm glad it's coming out on ps3 too, but I'm not very excited for it honestly.

DaTruth2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Ahh, fanboyz... If this was coming to teh PS3 first, you all be jumping for joy... especially if it wuz teh PS3 exclusive!

Yes, that's what you guys sound like every time you go on your PS3 fanboy ranting and raving! Now that you've seen how stupid and immature you sound, please keep the rhetoric on the games. Thank you!!!

Edit: Bet this comment gets flagged for off topic and I will continue to have to scroll through hundreds of comments about PS3 fanboys in threads where we're suppose to be discussing games!

Guess you disagree guys come here for the fanboy ranting and not the games. Please check out our sister site N4F(News for fanboys), a site about, for and by fanboys!

clank5432744d ago

Totally agree. I only own a ps3 so I fully admit that I may be a little biased, but I see people liking a game purely because its on their favorite system. When you have to force yourself to like a game just because its on your system, that's truly pathetic.

Rainstorm812744d ago

That came outta nowhere....

rezzah2744d ago

Wow you would expect to see a comment like yours in reply to something like "SONY RULES ALL OTHER CONSOLES MUST DIE"...But no, Clank gives his honest opinion and you shut it down like he's/she's out to destroy anything non-PS3.

- bubs for immaturity

Lamarthedancer2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Oh shut the hell up if he's not excited about it then he's not excited by it end of

He's not going "Oh the Xbox is shit" "Oh the Xbox is crap compared to the PS3" is he

Not everyone who dosen't agree with your opinion is a fanboy. Some people just have different tastes and opinions if he was actually acting like one then you could glady fire comments his way.

Want to hear my opinion on you...I think your just a whiny troll

rezzah2744d ago

@ Datruth

Hey whats your opinion on Child of Eden?

Oh wait you're too busy calling Clank543 a fanboy...

"Guess you disagree guys come here for the fanboy ranting and not the games."

Just_The_Truth2744d ago

let's just wait and see which ones plays better k.

DaTruth2743d ago

Damn, you dudes totally missed the point! Maybe you should read the whole damn comment next time and maybe the article too!

Wow, People on the internet can really be dense!

mastiffchild2743d ago

Point is, Da Truth, you are the one talking about fanboys and without going into Clank's post history I can't see how this comment set off your tirade.

And, really, I don't know how any flavour of fanboy is any different to the next. Or any better or any worse for that matter-fanboys are just fanboys and splitting them up just, imho, plays into their hands by perpetuating a war that never really existed.

As for myself-I don't quite see how CoE is going to be that much more amazing than Rez but am piqued enough to look into it but am guessing, like Flower and Rez, that it's going to be one of those gaming experiences you either like or really don't-I guess you could add the Endless Ocean games too if you know where I'm coming from. That relaxing, hypnotic gameplay and mix of music etc that you either appreciate or goes totally over your head.

Be interesting to see which control scheme fits it best for those who like this kind if thing, mind.

@Da Truth-I get where you're coming from and everything but just don't think pointing it out helps things and didn't see why Clank brought it out of you. I've stopped checking anyone's history these days anyway-life really is too short to care.

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jay22744d ago

With the MOVE and 3D who cares.

firelogic2744d ago

waving your hands around like a moron with imprecise control. who cares.

forevercloud30002744d ago

This game does nothing for me at the moment. I remember seeing this during the initial Kinect craze and was like "What?!", why is this even popular? Looks like a regular shooter to me. Just with a solar explosion of colors. For whatever reason this was being toted as a Kinect killer app but now its going to be on PS3 so thats down the tube. The PS3 version could technically be the better experience but seeing as most prob wont have a 3D tv still, its a tie really.Either way, this game is LAME!

gypsygib2744d ago

TOTALY agree!

People are going to spend time playing COE instead of one of the dozen or so AAAs coming out this year? That's absurd.

What the price of COE too, doesn't look worth more than $15.

godslayer4292744d ago

ill buy it 4 to 6 years after i releases for ps3

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