DOTA 2 Offline Support

Will Valve follow Blizzard and S2 Games and refuse offline support?

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Ducky2835d ago

"I believe that Valve, too, will choose to avoid any offline use of the game, an argument that is supported by the fact that the game will be on Steam."

Why does a game being on steam indicate that it won't be playable offline? O.o

SnakeMustDie2835d ago

If it doesn't have LAN then it's back to DotA Allstars for me.

Lamarthedancer2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

This must be the only Valve game which I'm not interested in. It's a shame aswell since I'd rather see them announce HL3/Episode 3 at E3 this year when as they might end up going on about DOTA2 instead

Clubptxxx2835d ago

It would honestly be a shame to see this not have offline support, seeing as there's a single player mode. And Steam also offers a "Go Offline..." mode. It doesn't make sense.

Still going to be buying this game regardless of what is chosen.