[VVGtv] ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition XBLIG Review

The ambient loops in ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition as well as the other types of tracks usually have a great blend. It's quite easy for someone to just pick up and play and show their buddies what a sick beat they can throw together with a few crazy loops.

Veteran Xbox Indies Game Reviewer and head of, Ryan Donnelly (a.k.a. Master Blud), recommends this title to anyone who loves to experiment--not just with music but with creativity.

Ryan rates this game a "super duper 4.5 out of 5" for its controls, easy to use interface, and the all around great social experience that players can share at their next house party.

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Deeke2749d ago

Ez Muze+ is a great addition to the amateur music maker's library. Impressive beats and never-ending possibilities make this game entertaining and enjoyable.

agentxk2749d ago

Fun times, it was like playing with music generator all over again.