Ace Combat 6: hot ingame footage with special controller

You gotta love this combination: the newest installment of Ace Combat plus the special flight controllers. A seperate steering controller and one speed controller. It looks and feels a lot like the real thing in this Gamevideos footage!

This XBOX 360 exclusive is adding a new genre to the already impressive 360 line up for this Christmas!

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ReBurn4489d ago

It still surprises me that this title made the jump from PlayStation to Xbox.

TheMART4489d ago

I bet MS has put some $$$$$ on the table, or the dev sees the sales of 6.3 games average per 360 sold with 12 to 13 mln. 360's sold compared to about 5 mln PS3's sold.

Pete_Approved4489d ago

I don`t mind :P it jumped from the ps to the xbox :D .The game should be better than Blasing Angels2 or some other flight sim.


Hori would have made some better control, instead they made the same PS2 Ace Combat controller in another color... The controller need a rack with some interruptors to feel like the real think... But, still, Ace Combat 6 has the exact same gameplay of PS2, so there is no need for a better controller, or those distinct function.

And I'm not criticizing X360 anyway, but Hori and Namco opted for the easy way, I don't think it would be different on PS3 (maybe only in PC), it's time for Namco to innovate on Ace Combat, talking here a AC fan, make it online isn't enough

TheMART4489d ago

You try to make it look like it is no different of the PS2 version, but be sure, it is.

Visuals are better, it plays better (I have played both, even in the old build demo on the 360 it is already better) and the addition of the online multiplayer on its own is worth it.

Warhawk is an only online multiplayer game. The best the PS3 has to offer at this point in time. So I really see a good contender in the same kind of area of flying online big battles on the 360 in this.

Kyur4ThePain4489d ago

the controller inset in that video was not related to the on screen action. If it was, it is VERY unresponsive.