Games Are Evil Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

There is no doubt that on any given day over the past few weeks gamers have been assaulted with commercials for The Masters–the event that is commonly referenced as the Super Bowl of golf. Opposite the obligatory trip to Disney World acting as the post celebration tradition of the actual Super Bowl, the winner of the Masters instead receives the aptly named “Green Jacket” that makes them look slightly less like a golfer and more like they are ready to bring luggage to a hotel room. Despite being the preeminent event in the world of golf, this is the first time the Masters has appeared in Tiger Woods PGA Tour–probably due to the eleventh hole causing a ruckus every year during contract negotiations.

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bgrundman2746d ago

I am kinda shocked that the Wii version of the game is so strong.

Crash551182746d ago

None of the problems with DLC at a price point that is 10 dollars less is a pretty compelling argument.