GAMER-0 # 60: Hard Corps Uprising Review…Straight Fire!

T-Hill writes: Side scrollers, a genre from a different time in gaming history is it dead or has Hard Corps Uprising brought it back from the grave. With classic game play and new aged Rising mode can Hard Corps compete for your hard earned dollar…my answer oh hell yes!

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BlackTar1872841d ago

Nice review. I was on the fence on what this is and you may have just sold me.

HungPHATx2841d ago

Nice video bro ! My gay cousin want to meat you , give me your number LOL T-Shirt time bitch ! :-)


It's good to see you still have jokes son...I guess I would need to have jokes to if I got drunk and had a tramp stamp put on the small of my You know I love you bro :-)

HungPHATx2841d ago

How did you know about my stamp ! Damn you HHG , can't believe he told you LOL

morkendo232841d ago

good to see sidescrolling games make a COME BACK!!!