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NG:It’s perhaps surprising to find that, in the current marketplace, the third-person tactical shooter has lost favour as of late. That’s not to say that it’s a barren landscape but we’ve certainly seen a drop-off in the genre since the well-received Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and Rainbow Six: Vegas games. As console developers - particularly those who produce first-person shooters - drive realism, why then are we not seeing more complex uses of more intelligible AI?

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NewMonday2774d ago

Strange, I liked this online better than the higher rated KZ3.

Oh well, the less n00bs the better.

BK-2012773d ago

Anyone notice how the media immediately rates the game exactly the same as others at around a 7.9? I find it really fishy. I have a feeling reviewers change their scores to match the general consensus of the first few reviews. If this is true then I'm sticking with private blog reviews made of a game weeks AFTER it comes out to get a real idea of what the game is rated.

FailOverHero2773d ago

Ever notice how many conspiracy theories pop up in ps3 reviews? I find it happens everytime without fail

MmaFan-Qc2773d ago

its all about the MP, the single player is just a bonus.

put more than 37hrs into the beta and i already know that im enjoying the game, so i honestly dont care about reviers have to say, and yes, im what you call a socom veteran.

but the game isnt highly aim assisted and noob friendly like COD so it will be obvious to see peoples bitch and moan about the game.

...btw, ever notice how FailOverHero pop up in ps3 reviews? I find it happens everytime without fail.

James Vanderbeek2774d ago

if its not call of duty easy than the game sucks.. hahahhaa.. i really like socom 4.. zipper just needs to fix some stuff and the game would be great.