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redwolf2751d ago

didn't see that coming, though I liked the beta

chidori6662751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

What happened to the crew who used to actually be innovative and build distinct games offering a fantastic gameplay in SOCOM 2 Zipper?

Great job Zipper... I hope everyone of you get fired...

zootang2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

"On the plus side, the visuals are reasonably impressive: the foliage is redolent of Far Cry 2, and film buffs will recognise the Kubrickian lighting in the missions set in the so-called 'magic hour' before dusk. The animations are decent, the scenery is pleasant, and there's a mildly bombastic score from the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra."

Doesn't sound too bad to me?


If I wasn't bothered about graphics I'd play doom or counterstrike. Move with the times, it's nice to have new experinces that look good. I guess your the type of guy who digs the ugly chicks.

Graphics2751d ago

I guess you are one of those gamers where graphics is your gameplay.

MAJ0R2751d ago

zipper should have listened to their long time fans

zgoldenlionz2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

socom 4 is more authentic than older games its hard to wrap my brain around the idea that the people that found socom 1&2 so challenging and demanding of team work are not up for the challenge this time around. adapt and quit whining old socom vets are some of the biggest whiners ive ever heard of. ive been playing since socom 1 and i like the game the way it is( i do wish the old modes come back though). why not include next gen features to a game so inovative? is keeping it the same game it was 10 years ago anymore innovative than using all the best features from all the best shooters of the last 5 years? lol sir, lawlz.

RumbleFish2750d ago

@zgoldenlionz: I don't think it's about the "next gen features" I think the reason why many people don't like the game is the controls and the rediculous amount of auto aim. Control wise the game does not feel very polished and not very up to date.
Perhaps it's just because Zipper intended to appeal to a wider audience like they said in recent interviews.
To me the game does not look and feel like an adult shooter it's much more "arcady" than I expected.

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meetajhu2751d ago ShowReplies(1)
MysticStrummer2751d ago

I expect it now with any PS3 exclusive. Being a fan of the series since day one of game one, I almost didn't check out the beta because of all the whining I read about online. After putting in several hours and forming my own opinion, I can't wait for the 19th. It sounds like this person had a completely different experience from the majority of people who have played the game, other than the vocal Socom purists who mistakenly think Socom 2 had no problems whatsoever. Videogame journalism has really gone into a tailspin this generation. You can see the bias from the very first sentence. I expect mostly bad to mediocre reviews.

Ducky2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Videogame journalism has gone into a tailspin because the majority of reviewers might not share your opinion on one particular game.

Yea. That seems like a logical conclusion.

StanSmith2751d ago

I thought the beta was okay. The graphics and sound were great but the gameplay just felt kinda dated. I think the Socom Franchise needs a reboot.

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I assume Steve Hill (the 3rd Review on his list) doesn't like very much the game.

Der_Kommandant2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I stopped reading at Eurogamer

bennyace2751d ago

And why is that... They even gave GT5 9/10. So I doubt that they are biased... What I think you meant to say was '' I stop reading when I saw 6/10''

I think it's safe to say that It will get mixed reviews. So I guess the old days of great Socom games are gone for good now! It's really sad....

Jamegohanssj52751d ago

ROFLMFAO I didn't even read because I saw Eurogamer.


nycrekid2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

"Despite selling about 12 million copies over its decade-long history, nobody in the real world has ever heard of SOCOM. In fact, we'd hazard a guess that great swathes of those who've played the series don't even know what it stands for."

When you start a review like this it is hard to take it seriously. Usually I like Eurogamer reviews but this one sounds like he never like Socom to begin with.

Special Operations Command

GameTavern2751d ago

Just curious, do you know what SOCOM stands for?

creeping judas2751d ago

United States Special Operations Command , they just rearranged the lettering to sound better then USSOC.

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