Where's my political simulator?

GGTL: "Politics splits opinion. That's kind of what it's designed to do. If you go right back to the roots of the word, politus is Latin for 'that which aged white men cannot agree on but still bellow on and on loudly about in the House of Commons'. I think. Some favour the left, while others prefer the right. Russia was hyped for Communism a while ago, while America looked nervously on and threw money at every third world country considering going Red in hopes that Marxism would just go away...."

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cowkimon2744d ago

I would actually play a political simulator. Taking a young citizen and molding his career as he moves up the political ladder has great potential for diverse scripting trees, humor, and even narrative. Sequels/DLC could provide the chance to play the game from the point of view of a young East European Soviet circa 1925, an Italian political scientist in Florence during the Renaissance, or even a young noble in Rome. Great stuff.