9 Games to Get Your Girl (or Boy) Into PS3, 360 and Wii

Yahoo's video games training for the uninitiated:

"Does your partner refuse to play along? Help them get into the game by putting them on this three-course digital diet."

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MK_Red4076d ago

The thing is almost any Wii game is good for start while most PS3 and 360 games are for pro level.
they should have put Rayman Raving Rabbids in among Wii games as well as Resistance among PS3 games. Viva Pinata among 360 games would have also been better IMO.

nosmok4076d ago

My wife got into games via -> Age of Empires -> Everquest 1 -> Everquest 2. And you know you have a gaming addict when are arguments are conducted online ingame and she books her days off to coincide with expansions or spends 24 hours non stop camping a spawn.
Sound great but just means arguments are about games instead of something else... like "you were supposed to f&^%ing heal me" "but Im on the main tank". /ignore.
and "I refuse to group with Nosmok" blah..
So much for the ideal..

gololo4075d ago

good game list...but i wouldn't have crackdown on that list, what happen to GeOW, Bioshock? I know that is for the uninitiated but come on crackdown???