Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition screenshots, footage

Capcom released the first screenshots and videos of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

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ksoto2747d ago

They really do milk these series its pathetic smh I bought Super street fighetr 4 and none after!!!

Dart892747d ago

It's dlc not another full game but i get what you're saying all this should have been on sf4.

ksoto2747d ago

Yeah i heard it was dlc, but you do understand what i mean. I go to the psn store and see enough sf4 DLC as it is and i shake my head. Its so bad dude i dont even buy Call of Duty Map packs i would enjoy if i wasnt so stubborn. These companies take us for a ride then have the nerve to mention things like paying for online service in the future (smh)

Michael-Jackson2747d ago

did you read the press release? it's also coming out on disc as a full game.

JohnnyMann4202747d ago

Piss off whiner. Why did you even waste your time posting this. You bought SSF IV and none after? There was NONE after. No one said you needed to buy it, obvious douche.

tucky2747d ago

And another edition from capcom. pffff (and here the new characters are everything except interesting)
They really don't know when to stop ...
"making money" that's the only thing people have in mind

parasite2747d ago

you guys are the same people who spam fireballs and dragon punches all day while getting your ass handed to you. This is what the real fans of the series wanted and thats the only reason its coming. capcom wasnt even planning to release this at all. It wasnt until the real street fighter fans begged and pleaded that we have this. Stick to your super smash bros and tekken.

ksoto2747d ago

Thats the only reason its coming? You moron your one of those zombies that buy any dlc and probably has sf4, Super street fighter 4 and any other dlc they offer when they should have implemented it in the game to begin with.
It becomes a joke when you have tons of dlc for a game and the same regurgitated bullshit over and over again being resold as if it were a new game. Some may have asked for it but why didnt they ask why it wasn't implemented in the original SF$ to begin with when it could have? Please its being offered for mere profit bcus they know ppl have interest. It would have been offered irregardless.

JohnnyMann4202747d ago

What the hell are you talking about. I am completely stoked for this. I was one of the fans asking for this, you whiner.

DLC for this game consists of costumes (for the most part) and you know what? Don't friggen buy them.

This DLC is very welcome to the people that like SSF IV so why are you even wasting your breath posting repeatitly about how much it sucks.

This obviously wasn't made for "you" then so move on and go do something else besides typing SMH all day like an internet meme troll.

Redempteur2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


not every dlc is evil ..

When fans , people playing the game on a regular basis ask for something and they get it .. why the hell are you complaining ?
This is something that was devellopped afterwards asked by the community ..and all you see is dlc dlc dlc ..

i've spent hundred of hours in street 4 and super street 4 ( offline and online ) and i didn't buy any costume dlc ..
but for characters i want , i have no reason to pass this up.

No way all of SSF4 features could have been implemented inthe original SF4 release because they were asked by the community afterwards ( such as the replays channels )..

in short you're talking out of you *ss complaining when there is nothing to complain. Are the costumes necessary ? NO
Are they giving up an advantage while playing ? NO
Can you accept that new characters in a fighting game is a good deal especially when super street 4 was half price to begin with ?

parasite2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

amen brother! I can't wait to start whipping fools with my beefed up Sakura!

caseh2747d ago

Oh look out, Capcom have dropped in Evil Ryu who will no doubt be the new choice of scrubs across the world.

'I'll use the most over-powered character in the game to win at any cost then send my defeated enemies a message calling them a n00b' < the mentality of around 90% of the people who play online fighting games.

Redempteur2747d ago

most likely it will have a shit health bar like akuma.

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