Nintendo sees steady Wii price, strong demand

George Harrison, Nintendo of America's VP of communications and marketing, told Reuters that Wii will stay at $249 for the foreseeable future. "We think we're in a great position. Both our competitors took price reductions and it hasn't stalled our momentum at all... Most importantly, we're going after an expanded audience that they are not in a position to capitalize on," he added.

iTWire's notes: Still the 'foreseeable future' could be debated, as Harrison is set to leave Nintendo this coming December.

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Shankle4022d ago

No price cut? then i'm not getting one.

unsunghero284022d ago

You'd have had a hard time finding one anyway...

Vortex4022d ago

Wii, is wayyy better than the other two consoles. and its still cheaper than them anyways, its outsold the 360 in less than half the time... Nintendo has proved that graphics arnt everythign. and even still if halo 3 were to be made for the Wii it would look better on wii than it does on 360. Halo 3 only runs at 640 for the Xbox 360 and Wii can run 720.

Close_Second4022d ago

Wow, I can't wait for the Wii version of Halo 3.

Why even throw in such a stupid comment - sick of f**k heads like yourself that obviously use only a fraction of the brain power a village idiot would use.

The Brave 14022d ago

Vortex your a f---ing clown.Only people who are not real gamers like you will say that the wii is better than the ps3 or 360.Wii is selling so much because women make up almost 50 percent of the install base.You probably belong in that group.Why dont u go give mario a blowjob idiot!

Rooftrellen4022d ago

Oh no, what are we going to do? Women make up slightly more than half of the world's population and they also make up, according to you, about half of Wii owners.

Why, next thing you know there will be as many women drivers as men drivers. As many women voters as men voters.

Wait, sorry, you making it seem unmanly to do what women do made me think I was in the wrong century.

For all the talk of "true next gen," when it comes to women doing something that used to be mostly for teenage men, so many people are stuck 100 years in the past.

Grow up.

unsunghero284022d ago

I literally LOL'd at 1.3 and 1.4.

People on N4G are scared out of their minds at the mere possibility that someone prefers Wii. It's sad, really. You guys insulted him out of your minds- why? Because he likes the Wii.

Hope you like losing bubbles.

Pekka4021d ago

Wii can't do HD, not even in 2D. Maximum Wii can technically output is 480p. There will never be any HD games on Wii because it simply can't do it. Not even firmware updates can chance this fact because restriction is on hardware.

unsunghero284021d ago

Technically the reason Wii hasn't done HD yet is that Nintendo has locked the current software to be ONLY 480p. In reality the Wii is about as powerful as the original Xbox, which could easily do 720p. My guess is that at some point Nintendo will unlock the feature or release firmware updates that enable HD for certain games.

Or, for that matter, there may one day very well be a Wii Advance.

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