Mario & Sonic Trailers Get Worse

Kotaku "didn't think Sega could make a worse trailer than the last one. The Miis don't look anything like the over-acting actors, there's too much waggle, too much wiggle, too many grins and far too many awkward hoots. I believe there may even be a holler or two there towards the end. REAL games won't end in hollering. They'll end in "goodness, my wrists certainly are sore"".

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CyberSentinel4026d ago


Kotaku just hating again. Don't Hate, Just Wait!

zergling3554026d ago

Come on a hedgehog that can go the speed of sound in a race and he loses? COMON

ChickeyCantor4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

o yess lets make sonic super fast and bowser super slowwww so the game will be more fun!!!
yess i can see it already everyone fighting over who's gonna pick sonic.

that would be amazing...gonna send an angry email to sega !!!
this is blasphemy ! this is madness i tell you, madness!!

=/...geeze its like someone would complain about super smash that Samus shouldn't die until her energy tanks are empty.

or that Zelda never fights in her own franchise yet she kicks ass in super smash.

o no soo know its a blue hedgehog who is able to talk...go figure...

unrealistic >_< gee i'm sorry if you really believed in him =/

o yeah and what is snake doing in the nintendo uni....a never mind i hope you get the point.

Sonic and mario are just characters their speed is depending on the Player.....get it the players are mario and sonic....if you cant move the wiimote enough then yess sonic will fail.

PikkonX4026d ago

Still a pretty bad trailer/commercial, but at least it's better than some of the earlier ones for the Wii. Just the other day I was explaining to 2 of my co-workers that you do not have to run all around your house, jumping behind couches to play Red Steel.

unsunghero284026d ago

Those early Wii trailers were hilarious.

Bubbles for putting a smile on my face.

allforcalisto4026d ago

it's so sad what has happened to sega.

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