CBC News: Michael Jackson game is amusing, but it's no thriller

With the recent death of Guitar Hero and the continued decline of the Rock Band franchise, it was starting to look like a void might be forming in the musical rhythm game category.

Such holes never stay empty for long, though, and with new motion-control systems from Microsoft and Sony, it’s not surprising that dancing games are rushing in to capitalize.

The latest release shoots right for the top by bringing pop music’s ultimate dancer to your living room. Michael Jackson: The Experience entices gamers to emulate the King of Pop’s moves, from his frequent crotch grabs to his iconic moonwalk.

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Emilio_Estevez2745d ago

Awwww, I see what they did with the title there...Clever.

Shang-Long2744d ago

they could of said it was Bad

Quagmire2744d ago

I wonder how long it takes to Beat It

Shang-Long2744d ago

i heard it took billie jean a few hours

Pedobear Rocks2744d ago

You can thank the Canadian Taxpayers for this gaming review. Thank you CBC for continuing to defend Canada's unique culture. (wtf).

Seriously...can I stop giving these asshats 2Billion a year. Thanks.

Lindsey2744d ago

I'm having so much fun with this game right now.

Bigpappy2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Demo please! Then again I might just get it because the whole family ar Jackson fans. Yeah, I'll just get it. The Karaokee part alone is worth it.

Miss you mike (greatest entertainer eva!!!)

For the move guys who are fans, get the game. But do not do the Crotch Grab with the Move in your hand. Who ever approve that move for the Move,has a worped sense of humor.