Sonic the Hedgehog Celebrates 20 Years of Running on Empty

Bobby Rivera writes, "Anniversaries always present an opportunity for reflection, and Sega’s recent announcement of a new Sonic the Hedgehog game to mark the blue speedster’s big 2-0 is no exception. For starters, seeing a beloved childhood franchise turn 20 made me take notice of just how old I was getting, leading me to crawl into a fetal position in the shower while softly crying. After I had finished balling, I soon began to reflect on the last two decades of the Sonic franchise. And sure enough I instantly felt a whole lot better, as there is no better cure for fallen spirits than realizing that someone has it worse than you do:; I could very well be a blue hedgehog perpetually running in place and with no end in sight."

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Orionsangel2744d ago

What you said is depressing, haha!