Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Announced

Hell Descent: Capcom has just announced quite the surprising title. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will be a retelling of the Fortune City outbreak in the eyes of Frank West. Don’t even think about Chuck. Apparently this game will be a re-imagining of Dead Rising 2 as if Chuck Greene was never the lead character. Great way to bring Frank back, but sorry Chuck; can’t say that we will really miss you.

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kookie3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

The new frank looks fat and not cool like in the original Dead rising.

Arsenic133945d ago

Well the last game did end saying his hunger was never satisfied. Maybe infected people get hungry more :P

user83971443945d ago

Hopefully its a whole new story but in the same mall.

Arsenic133944d ago

Exactly what it is. For fortune city.

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Cajun Chicken3945d ago

Wow. This is a crazy idea. I'm not one for what people would consider as 'milking','s Frank West and I condone!

WetN00dle693945d ago

Awesome stuff! Its Frank West for crying out loud! Whats not to like?

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