Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - First Gameplay Video

Watch the first gameplay video of Super Street Fighter IVB: Arcade Edition.

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Sagetech2773d ago

The art style for akuma's final attack is INSANE

JohnnyMann4202773d ago

Oni, you mean?

Either way I agree. It's awesome.

Crystallis2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I totally agree, outstanding art style. Not a big fan of Oni or evil ryu but they are welcomed additions.

Redempteur2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

was that sarcasm ..i'm not sure ..

anyway ..that was evil ryu , not akuma

or areyou talking about oni ?

Rynx2773d ago

1st gameplay footage? LOL

Hurmun2773d ago

Wait....did Oni Akuma just do the raging demon in the air?! OH GOD!