How Activision can improve their image

GameGripe provides a few handy hints and tips on how Activision can improve their public image.

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DrHouse2773d ago

They cud just sit back and wait, EGAY is quickly becoming the new crapovision, at the rate they are going activision will look like saints.

gypsygib2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

EA one of the best 3rd party publishers, they release sooooo many awesome games. How can you have a publisher that offers such a vast and diverse array of good games (Sports, RPG, FPS, Horror, Racing)

You're just hating EA because it's popular.

Activision is hated because they rely on the same game every year, they need a better catalogue.

DrHouse2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

EGAY bans players who trash talk them, they rush out games like Crysis 2 resulting in unfinished games. They are pushing Bioware also to release ME3 which I believe will be inferior to the previous entries. Even Crytek is being pushed to start mapping Crysis 3 already, who does that remind you of? Look at Dragon age 2, that was an insult to the original.

you are just an EGAY fanboy, EGAY will be worse than crapovision if they are not already.

Menech2772d ago

OMFG, DrHouse how witty you are EGAY.

That works extremely well if your like 11 trying to take the piss out of Ebay.

However I can't quite understand the relevence to EA games.

gamingdroid2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What about how EA introduced Online Pass restricting you from having more than one person's profile play online without ponying up to EA?

Activision never did that! They might have cancelled a few games, pushed out sequels every year, but never once restricted my freedom to play my games in an industry wide fashion.

Elven62772d ago

"Activision is hated because they rely on the same game every year, they need a better catalogue."

That's the thing, they DO. Heck, last year we got games like Blur, Transformers: WFC, Singularity, Goldeneye, Blood Stone, Shattered Dimensions, etc, a whole bunch of different titles from Activision yet excluding WFC they didn't sell decently at all.

At the end of the day, when the executives look at the financial data and see titles like Blur or Goldeneye didn't do too well commercially and then they see games like Call of Duty breaking industry wide records, what do you think they will do?

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RankFTW2772d ago

EA > Activision, don't bother replying, oh wait you can't.

zeal0us2772d ago

1. Fire Bobby Kotick(if adding a sub to cod was possible he would do it and plus he's the reason for the overprice dlc and been know to screw ppl over in the past).
2. Stop charging $15 for map packs(I hope you do realize your paying 1/4 of the price of cod game. after 4 packs you basically done brought another game)
3. Make another E.T game(obviously I'm joking)

LOGICWINS2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

"How Activision can improve their image"

Well, they don't have to since the small minority of people who have a bad opinion of Activision only exist on the Internet and don't even come close to affecting the revenue they get from COD games.

What incentive would Activision have to "change their image" when the group of gamers complaining are so insignificant compared to the millions of people who are happy to buy rehashed COD games every year?

In case people haven't realized, COD games have been selling MORE and MORE every year. Its pretty obvious that the people on the Internet who call Activision "evil" affect virtually nothing that Activision gains or loses from game sales.

RankFTW2772d ago

Oh Activision are the worst of the worst but that won't stop me buying CoD as long as it's still fun.

GodofwarGoty2773d ago

IF activision take 2 years to make a Cod game instead if releasing one every year then it would be better and there image would be Good again

Elven62772d ago

COD games have a development cycle of two years, Team A releases a game in year 1 and starts work on a new game. Team B releases a game in year 2 and starts work on a new while Team A releases their game in year 3, etc.

I think what you mean to say is make sure the games release every two years in which case I agree with you. COD games sell well regardless of the year they released in, heck, MW2 was still charting late into 2010. They should instead release two or three extra map packs to fill the gap between the COD games.

GodofwarGoty2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Sorry about Elven6 thats what 100 percent what i might release Cod every 2 years not every one they sell alot and its not because they release it every 1 if they do There games well sell more like black ops people will buy it because they know the next will be coming out 2 years from now ( just in example)

rabidpancakeburglar2772d ago

There is one and only one way for them to improve their image. Free jellybeans for everyone, they do that and they're a winner in my eyes. Obviously stopping their gaming overkill might help, but mainly free jellybeans

Excalibur2773d ago

Firing Douche-bag Bobby would be a good start. ;)

nskrishna22773d ago

"How Activision can improve their image?"

Answer: Stop making Call of Duty, and killing studios so that every studio under it is working on CoD

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