GameSpot - Meet the Audio Director of Battlefield 3

GameSpot - Like many editors in the office, I've spent a lot of late nights playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, aborbed in the intense multiplayer action. Whether you're lacing helicopters with C4 and flying them into the enemy or taking down entire structures with a tank, there are so many ways to create gigantic explosions that leave your ears ringing (like when a smoke grenade somehow winds up at your feet.) Part of what makes the game so fun and immersive is not only the gameplay, environments, and weapons, but also the sounds that depicts the cacaphony of war around you.

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Rah5er02799d ago

I agree, audio is detrimental to video-games, and it should be as stimulating as the visuals. It's hard to get immersed with crappy sound;

BF3 sounds and looks great by the way..!

user8586212799d ago

Question - Why do all battlefield games sound so orgasmic!!!??

Der_Kommandant2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Because they need something to match the orgasmic gameplay

PaPa-Slam2799d ago

You both are my hero. :P

Der_Kommandant2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

That guy is a genius

PaPa-Slam2799d ago

Agreed, have you heard any of his previous stuff.

stevenhiggster2799d ago

Try setting the audio to War Tapes mode, its mental! I had to change it back to normal so I didn't start getting post traumatic stress.
The sound in the Battlefield games is epic.

-Mezzo-2799d ago

I am a Sucker for Soundtrack, i don't listen to songs that much ( Well Because Most Of Them Suck). But Assassins Creed, The Dark Knight, The Fountain, Bourne Ultimatum etc, the soundtracks of these Movies & Games are always playing on my iPod/iPad.

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