Gamerlive.TV: Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do Review

Do you think the guys on the Kinect development team ever imagined that a developer would use the Kinect so you could spank a pig? Well Kudo Tsunoda, meet Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do and the pig race. Yes reader, I slapped my leg and swayed around my living room to provide you this review. I also hopped on a roller coaster and collected coins all while doing my best Naughty By Nature: Hop Hop Hooray impression. The Batting Cage mini-game has been the only Kinect game thus far that made me desire some kind of wand to swing toward the Kinect, but perhaps this was just poor execution by the developers--I was swinging for the fences without much of a result.

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Bigpappy2749d ago

Cute little game, but I am only will to pay $20 for it.