$ony Dethrones Micro$oft as the Corporate Bad Guy of Gaming

GPT: "As news and details of the settlement between the young and curious tech-head GeoHot and the corporate giant Sony begin to make the rounds, it appears that Sony has done two things. They’ve held off gamers from potentially learning more about the inner workings of the console while protecting their intellectual properties. On the other hand, Sony has taken the top spot as the poster child for corporate greed and control. We’re not saying GeoHot held no fault, but it’s hard to view Sony in the same light that we once did when they went after a young man with such force, financial backing and fear tactics."

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GunShotEddy2747d ago

All the backlash Sony is getting hasn't quite made them the bad guy that Microsoft is. People hate Microsoft because they thought they could buy the gaming market just by throwing money at it.

TreMillz2747d ago

Billion dollar company is the bad guys now for trying to protect their product from being exploited so they can actually make money and make more products for consumer demand...YES! THEY'RE EVILZ! LOCK EM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!

whydoyouask2747d ago

No, their evil because they went after Geo who never actually released the PS3 source code until they went after him.

hay2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

First of all, this isn't some well established website.
Second, I didn't hear, see or witness any existing Sony fan/customer saying bad things about the company except anons or pirates who are merely minority but crying loudest.

Don't get caught in this bullshit people.

In the end Sony wins for success fighting with piracy, it should help to reassure shareholders.

gamingdroid2747d ago

I'm an existing customer of Sony and very unhappy with the way Sony handled this case as well removing OtherOS!

That said, I dislike certain things MS and Nintendo has done as well.

However, Sony is the only company that managed to remove features from my purchased console at will in console gaming history. They so far successfully set a precedent and all the supporters response is "who cared about that feature anyhow"? Next time, it might be a feature you care about because it is inconvenient for Sony!

thats_just_prime2747d ago

gamingdroid the fangirls on will never admit that $ony doesnt anything even remotely bad. All of them use to brag about being able to use other OS and talk about how much the xbox sucked cause you could do it on the xbox. Now its who care and $ony should of removed it a long time ago. $ony also took away BC so they couldnt play old game unless you buy them from the psn.

jut4202747d ago

why is there no misinformed option for the bubble system?

NewMonday2747d ago

This "innocent young boy" doesn't care about hardworking developers losing their jobs because of his hack..

ComboBreaker2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Sony would have make sure GeoHot gets the death sentence. Sony isn't out to kill GeoHot or to ruin GeoHot.

Sony is only out to protect its intellectual property, and this settlement have done exactly that.

So in the end, Sony handled this with class and style. An evil coporation like Microsoft would have make sure GeoHot rots in jail or something.

hay2746d ago

@gamingdroid: Have you used the feature extensively?

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Clarence2747d ago

Bad guys because they want to protect their product, but it's ok for M$ to lie about RROD. How did this article get approved.

Joni-Ice2747d ago

Sony is the Bad Guy? Says who...GeoHot?...Hackers?....LM AO.

ct032747d ago

I'm glad to live in a world of open systems. You have fun with your locked down system that loses a feature every two years because Sony deems it "unnecessary".

Rhythmattic2746d ago

So we can agree all consoles fit in the description of a closed system.

And for what its worth, the simplicity of that fact, makes it a reason I own them.

BLACKBOIJONES2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Ms is still the bad guy of gaming....When sony can afford to throw money around like MS dose then the will have a case.....Sony cant even market there AAA exclusives as much as MS dose.

@BigPappaPump Activision dose not have a Game console out.

jonlynch2747d ago

Last time I checked, MS wasn't removing major features they marketed when I bought their console. My PS3 lost OtherOS support. My Wii and 360 continue gaining features.

ComboBreaker2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

your 360 is getting closer and closer to gaining the RRoD Feature and the Xbox Live Price Hike Feature.

Clarence2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

The 360 only gains features because you went out and bought the the 360 slim, not because they gave it to you for free. The last time I checked the you had to buy the wifi add on or buy the 360 slim.

TBM2747d ago

this is all i'll say about this headline

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah aha

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VG_Releaser2747d ago

No one can top M$ in the evil category.

Rhythmattic2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Point in Case

(Around 10 min if you want to get straight there.)

gamingdroid2747d ago

Both EA and Sony introduced Online Pass i.e. restricting only one game profile for playing online via code. Any other family members want to play, pony up!

I call that pretty evil! Activision might charge me a lot for the map packs, but it's up front and I with my family can still play and use the games like we always has.

Who is worse for the game industry?

Reefskye2747d ago

I found a way around that I made 3rd account and activated all my EA games with that account and logged it in to EA online, after that all my PS3 that have my 3rd account allow the content to be played on any accounts on the PS3's

Argento-Nox2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Sony did not make online passes, that's EA games invention. I have practically every PS3 exclusive (GOW3, UC1, UC2, WKC, Heavy Rain, Infamous, LBP, LBP2, Heavenly Sword etc.) and not a single one of them uses online passes. Where the hell are you getting info? I have no clue where you got the idea Sony uses online passes.

There's no way this single incident makes Sony worst than MS; RROD, DVD based format with less space than predecessors, xbox live fees, load trays, lack of HDMI for 1st gen 360's, no wifi, arcade edition lacks harddrive etc. I sold 360's at launch and took back at least 1/3 of systems I sold. Are people forgetting that MS denied RROD existed until thousands of people brought them to court for a class action lawsuit, before MS agreed to extend their warranty?

Sony shouldn't be viewed as the bad guy for protecting "their" property or the interest of the companies that make games available on the PS3. People don't seem to realize that this GeoHotz douchebag is the reason otherOS was removed to begin with, since he showed it's vulnerable to hacking. Pirates are just using otherOS as a weak excuse to hack the PS3. If I really want freaking linux, I'll use it on my computer.

gamingdroid2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Sony required it on SOCOM for PSP:!5474128...

Most of your complaint if not all, but two (RROD & Xbox Live fees) is about how you don't like what they are offering. Has nothing to do with how they changed the industry.

Offering different option for different pockets is arguably a good thing by reducing the barrier to entry for consumers to enjoy the platform.

MS should be slapped silly for RROD, albeit they did give you 3-year warranty. Xbox Live fee's suck, but that didn't affect Sony or Nintendo for offering their network for free.

However, Sony has now made a precedent that it is fine to remove features after the product has been sold to you! One day, they might just want to see fit to disable other features that you might use.

It's getting a little old to hear ip holders constantly yell: "we are just protecting our property!" while stepping over consumer rights, well who is protecting "consumer rights" as you are a consumer aren't you?

ct032747d ago

I hope you hypocrite typed this on Mac OS, Linux or your cell phone.

Rhythmattic2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I guess you didnt ? amirit ?

As for me, Yes Mac OS.

I have Win 7 for games, and for me , thats what its good for.

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Equinoxe_72747d ago

Don't matter what Sony does, they are pure evil, if PS3 succeed, something wrong have happend.


You don't have to buy their stuff, nobody forces you.

Ryo-Hazuki2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

its funny when one little case that actually ended in a settlement.. all of a sudden dethrones M$. This article is pathetic

BeaRye2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

One little case? I agree that Sony is NOWHERE near as bad as M$, but this wasn't a little case.

Wish the disagrees had a pair to reply.

zeksta2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I got a pair (And a growing itch) to reply, and simply I disagree.

Sure, this may have not been the best action for Sony to take against GeoCock, but the asshole deserved it, he ruined gaming online for many people and tampered with Sony's console.

All in All, M$ is still the bad guy in this gaming industry for one main reason: Money.

Once again, I do wish the people actually Disagreeing with me actually had a bloody reason to reply with why they disagree!

kennykramer2747d ago

So Sony is good for go after someone who "MAY" have threatened their profits, but MS is bad for using money to make money?

Blind fanboy

guigsy2747d ago

I don't think it's a case of who's more evil, it's the case that both are huge corporations that will stop at nothing to protect their investments. Nintendo would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

Biggest2747d ago

Yes, kennykramer. You do realize that the things you used to label each company have nothing to do with each other, right? First of all, there is no backlash from this. The only people that know about it are the same people that knew and either: Supported Sony's stance or supported George Hotz. No new parties joined the fray. This case never hit front page news. Microsoft is considered "evil" because of their marketing practices and money grab techniques. Xbox Live is the best online experience in the world! Except it's only the best for those that think it's the best. As with anything that doesn't have a tournament to choose the best, it's subjective. The new Windows phone can go from out of pocket to taking pictures in only a few seconds! The only thing is that just about every phone with a camera has a quick button press to start taking pictures. Those are some of the common marketing practices that make Microsoft tons of money. It's fine that they do what they do. It's obviously lawful. It's also why some people consider them Micro$oft and call them evil. Sony doesn't use those types of marketing ploys. All they did in this instance was take a hacker to court. The hacker deserved it. His hacker friends deserved it. It didn't change Sony's business practices and it didn't effect their customers in a bad way.

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nygamer282747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Sony or ms aren't bad guys,there just big corporations that don't 2be fucked with

kennykramer2747d ago

Wu Tang! Wu Tang! Wu Tang! Wu Tang!

Now there's something that ain't 2b fucked with.

Budda2747d ago

true talk.. cant fuck with them..

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