Steamworks and System Requirements for Brink Revealed

Bethesda has just revealed two critical details about their upcoming game, Brink. This comes after reports of Brink being released a week ahead of schedule. Read on to find them out!

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Eiffel2744d ago

Well it is running off a heavily modified Id Tech 4 engine, an engine which is nearly eight years old.

maawdawg2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The recommended specs aren't that high but I was surprised they are as they are considering it is on ID4 and other MP shooters on newer engines released in the last year have lower specs by comparison. GTX460s and 5850s aren't "budget cards" the masses have in their Dells by any means.

Works for me though, Brink is one of the games that will hit this year (hoping for Guild Wars 2 and maybe Diablo3 too?) that made me finally build a new rig for after years away from PC gaming.

AmigoSniped2744d ago

My computer Can run it yay

Ari2744d ago

You can pick up the recommended 5850 card from Sapphire for £100 now, too

mamac1232744d ago

do you work for pc format lol?

Syaz12744d ago

for a game with unintensive system requirements, it still looks very good. probably the art style in the winning factor here.