SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4 making most of motion-technology on PS3, Xbox 360

Sega always had a gem in the Virtua Tennis series. Few companies have attempted to create a successful tennis franchise but Sega never seemed to hesitate with their franchise, which continues to bring great play control to the genre with Virtua Tennis 4 (Sega), due to hit retail stores at the beginning of May.

On Monday Sega released a second video showcasing Virtua Tennis 4's ability to use Microsoft's Kinect hardware, which joins the PlayStation 3's Move support in bringing non-traditional game controls to the franchise for the first time on the two home consoles. The most recent release, Virtua Tennis 2009, was the first to make use of motion controls when it was brought to the Nintendo Wii before Sony and Microsoft released their motion detecting hardware accessories for their respective systems.

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trounbyfire2773d ago

thats a fucking Lie

its like wii but worse. VT4 and TS4 both suck at motion controls. your swing is not even in game its pre canned animations.

Emilio_Estevez2773d ago

Yea, SEGA just makes crappy games in general imo.

btk2773d ago

Are you sure it is pre-canned animations? That would suck. The Fight did a great job of 1:1 mapping. Expect at least the same for Tennis.

trounbyfire2771d ago

yeas i am sure.

really with move we know it can have you swing your spin but dev don't use it. WHY we have seen it done and yes its hard but tennis games need to evolve

kinect is even worse its basically using kinect ping pong swings and not tennis swings.

I watch a lot of tennis and i want my swing and spin not generic crap

we have to push sports games forward because they are all the same each year and its waste of money

Masterchef20072772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

It will probably be better with move though due to the acurracy of the device.


If thats true then that means that Sega are just lazy. How hard is it to get 1:1 motion with a tennis game? Kinect has its issues so pre canned animations are understandable when the camera has issue in determining what your doing but move doesnt ever have any of those issues so i dont see why they would use canned animations for the PS3 version of it.

trounbyfire2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

they are lazy. i love VT but then i got TS3 for online and i can't go back to VT. VT is really pretty and the best looking but way to arcade for me.sadly TS4 is to slow for me. TS3 wasn't finished but it a great game

i just want my swing like at E3 when move was shown. yes is really hard but so is tennis. It took me months just to learn to all the serve(self taught from watching tennis). i couldn't hit a (one handed)backhand until i got low and learned to use my wrist to put spin on the ball. I taught myself and loved it

it was the most fun i have had. I remember thinking i wonder if i can serve harder and so i tried and i was like WOW. sadly my arm couldn't handle tennis. so i look to the games to give me that felling of wow and i am not getting it from games

mcstorm2772d ago

Sounds good to me means both the core and none core get to play the game which for me is a big plus as little sister n bro can play with me and just have a laff rather than playing serious for once on a tennis game. I'll have to check the videos to see what its like though but I've always liked vt games still got 1 n 2 on my Dreamcast.