IGN Eye of the Judgment Review + Video Review

"Yu-Gi-Oh! was one of the first entities that combined the simplicity and tradition of a card game with the visual, visceral splendor of digital representation. People/geeks began to wonder when they could actually use the technology that the characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe had at their disposal; technology such as holographic arenas and cards that would burst to life as soon as they touched the play space. The Eye of Judgment addresses these desires and fuses actual cards with videogame technology. The end result is a PlayStation 3 title that offers a fun experience along with a few flaws. But there's a great deal to be said about this game, so let the judgment begin."

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Sevir044487d ago

this is card battling at it's best. and the first true experience of the eyetoy. i've always thought the eye toy was a piece of sh1t peripheral that was way gimiky on ps2, but after seeing the eye of judgement on the ps3. i knew what will have my money. plus i'm a huge fan of magic and yu-gi-oh. and since magic creators did the cards and the battle system i'm definately getting it online and playing with my buddies is gonna be sweet. i hope they promote this game alot because it would do well.

xbox fankids who bash the ps3 you cant way that sony isn't innovating once again. it's games are showing you all out. keep bashin and we'll continue to play. first day purchased for me.

xplosneer4487d ago

Confused. They list all positives in the Graphics column but give it a 7.5. And took of points from lasting appeal and gameplay for no single player. IT'S A FREAKIN CARD GAME. DO YOU SEE YU GI OH HAVING A SINGLE PLAYER? NO?....

DarkArcani4487d ago

It probably has to do with the lack of environment.

The character models are great and the effects are great, but there is no environment.

That's my idea though.

EZCheez4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

When they said there were going to be negatives, I thought they would have something to do with the camera. I never expected a story mode, and I don't think the select audience this game catered to did either.

Also, I'm just glad it WORKS. This opens up a lot of other options for the PS Eye when it comes to card games considering now they have the main mechanics down.

xplosneer4486d ago

I agree with both of you. Yeah I think it was more of a question of what the IGN reviewers were expecting.

ShAkKa4484d ago

the problem is that the game is a ps3 exclusive and as we should know m----s-ft`s big propaganda was paid a lot of game sites to reduce ps3`s exclusives games 1.5 points per game. (just my opinion not based on any real facts)

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Bigmac5734487d ago

This is way higher than I expected, the gaming media HATES card games. Im so excited to play this!!

TheHater4487d ago

and Bigmac, I can't wait to play against you later this year

krackchap4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

wow 8/10 for a game thats not fps
ps3 has no games-lol u can say that again bots
also the camera and game for this price is a loot,not like some dead vision camera where the only game ur gonna play is uno.rofl

ShiftyLookingCow4487d ago

oops this page is broken for me

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