Rock Band Week on IGN

IGN released a new video of The Beastie Boys Sabotage today also Coheed and Cambria the other day. There is also an article and some screens but heres the best part. "Check back next week when IGN unleashes five full days of Rock Band coverage. We'll be revealing a new song on Monday and building to bigger and better things throughout the week. "

What's better than a new song?

"If you're taking on the manly role of being bassist in Rock Band, there are a few songs that will have you smiling. One of the best is "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys. The ultimate bassline in Rock Band, though, is in a song which IGN will reveal next Monday. You'll never in a million years guess the song (we promise), but it's considered one of the most difficult in the game and nearly ended the Ignorant Sluts. The bassline is the sickest we've played in Rock Band. "

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