Doom 4 'More Of A Cinematic Experience' - Carmack

NowGamer: id Software's John Carmack has described currently-in-development Doom 4 as 'more cinematic' than the developer's upcoming shooter, Rage...

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wallis2838d ago

Does the game feature a function that removes all memory of the film?

Although seriously I have a hard on for this game, we need a trailer.

Kingdom Come2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

We were promised gameplay for last years Quakecon only to be delivered the message that they cancelled last minute. Whilst I can understand iD Software wanting to show off the game at its full potential, to string fans along for a year is shameful.

Hopefully once Rage has shipped they can start to pay the fans back with what they've promised to be mind-blowing. I love the DOOM Franchise and without iD Software gaming wouldn't be what it is today, but I can't help be slightly annoyed. Regardless, Rage looks simply incredible so I have no doubt in my mind that iD are going to blow the gaming communities minds with DOOM 4 and I wish them luck with Rage...

Eiffel2838d ago

I want me some Doom 4 badly.

Vladplaya2838d ago

"More Of A Cinematic Experience" = boring ass, cripted, on rails experience. Great, now they are messing up Doom 4, not really surprised though, sense Doom 3 was a pile of poop.

Vladplaya2838d ago

Take your own advice kid.

LightofDarkness2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Well he's not wrong. Doom 3 wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, it looked good, but that's about it. Gameplay was clunky and somewhat boring, the story was somehow less engaging than the originals (which told it via walls of text every 6 or so levels) and it was scary in the way that your douchebag cousin jumping out of a closet at you is scary.

Doom should be about mowing down legions of demons. Not some sort of alien/demon things, just some clearly pissed off satanic minions who figured out that grafting rocket launchers onto your minions instead of claws gives them a better chance of killing the guy who's armed to the teeth and can somehow run at about 60MPH (AKA you).

The atmosphere is created by lots of gothic/satanic imagery (candles, tortured/disemboweled people hanging around, pictures of goat-headed dudes and penatgrams) and futuristic tech, which slowly join together. That coupled with the fear that pressing that switch will result in a trap being sprung, leveling obscenely improbably odds of survival against you as dozens of evil dudes start pouring in from all angles.

Doom never needed any sort of cinematic presentation to be great fun, it never had much of a story past "demons are killing everyone, go kill them back." This sounds like they're screwing it up again.

Kingdom Come2838d ago

No, Wallis was correct. Stfu.
Normally I'm all for Personal opinion, but when it comes to whining regarding the developer of whom without FPS' wouldn't be the same. I can't not disagree...

wallis2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Or what, you'll say something nasty?

I liked doom 3, and so did a lot of people. You wanna make a valid point then take the time to do so but don't think you're doing anything but looking like a complete and utter fucking jackass by shitting all over a decent game that got good reviews and sold quite well.

Here's a lesson shit piece, you got a fucking opinion then you better be prepared to flex your thinking muscles and utilize ALL of your six and brain cells to fashion an argument as to why.

Edit: See LightofDarkness's post as an example of a decent well thought out comment that wouldn't have resulted in hostility. It's the fourth post on this string of comments? You know four right? It comes after 3. It's the number of people on earth who'd see your dp and think "yeah this guys cool, his frowning photoshopped eye tells me that."

Nac2838d ago

Yeah, since a "boring ass, cripted, on rails experience" is a bad experience. Pfft, Idiot........

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